Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blessing and Curse of Democracy: A Christian Perspective

The most basic tenet of democracy is the freedom of choice or the right to choose. If it is limited to Christianity only, then in democracy's truest form, it becomes no more democracy. And therein lies the problem with it's basic form of governance. It is a system that allows itself to be govern by majority rule. In reality, it does not matter what the original founders principles in regards to the constitution were. Though they were good and sound christian ideals, they were endorsing principles of democracy with no exception even for religious practice. That was then and democracy continues but with a new impetus of immigrants as it citizens and therefore being under democratic rule have every right to reflect their ideals. These ideals are becoming the greater majority with even the beliefs (or lack of beliefs) of traditional citizens who are not following christian bible based standards per se.

In other words, democracy is doing just fine. Now the battle is on "Mar's Hill" as apostle Paul fought for the souls of them in Ephesus ( I believe). Our battle surely dwells on Capitol Hill as well as every other state hill in our country. Change is everywhere! Prayer in school was never a mandate but was simply a by product of faith  within the hearts of it's citizens. Being demonstrated and quite effective as a majority among it's people in advancing the Kingdom of God. Now prayer is a mandate being allowed under the legal act of the law. A form of legalism that will not nearly be as effective as by the heart. Now it appears, democracy is legalizing christianity as well as other religions due to the multiple representations that exist. It seems only fair because when you realize it is really democracy at work. From a christian viewpoint ( born again mainstream faith), the crack in it's armor is beginning to show as all forms of governance by man do have.

To be candid, as a christian our destiny isn't about saving our country, it's about advancing the Kingdom of God for that great day! It is God who builds a nation and it is God who will bring it down! In the midst of all of that transistioning it is my duty to know His will and to defend the faith which doesn't always guarantee the saving of a piece of dirt. For Abraham had to leave his Ur of Chaldees....and Hebrews had to leave their Egypt...and many of us came to America leaving something behind with few regrets! Perhaps our time to leave is approaching and the only place to go is to be caught up! 

I believe democracy will work like never before to the disappointment of Christians who firmly lean on the Bible. I consider it a time of purging and a sign of the times which God Himself may be giving up to this world system a reprobate mind and USA is no exception as we examine end time doctrine. What led me to write this article was a question was asked should we as christians pray along side Satanists? Personally, I don't see any difference between satanists and "other faiths" except for extremist with bolder defiance in the face of God. They all operate with unbelief of Christ divinity. But for the record as a born again believer in Christ, I choose not to pray alongside the camp because my choice of words will surely ruffle their feathers. However, I will come to defend my faith and declare my hope in Christ which will give them opportunity for salvation as apostle Paul did on Mar's Hill. Concerning the democratic process, I agree with the adversary that on this soil satanist also have their rights and while I vote to disagree on their agenda I also seek to live in peace with my fellow man as scripture advises.


  1. Good article Gregory.

    You present a balanced perspective regarding our response to democracy. I too uphold a person's right to pray to whomever they wish, including a satanist or witch. May we also uphold our responsibility as believers to present the truth to that satanist. That will make for some interesting public gatherings wouldn't it?

  2. Yes it would! Perhaps the battle on any "hill" and elsewhere in this country is ready to take center stage. Websites are full of this kind of activities along with television and newspaper the Mar's Hill scene is being played under the freedom of speech. I do believe it isn't just about winning a soul but also dividing the wheat from the tares...the goats from the sheep. Those who look for Christ and those who don't. The line in the sand is being drawn in preparation of the Lord catching us up to be with Him as judgement nears in honor of the Lion of Judah! Thanks for the kudos King.....

  3. I agree with your article. It is sad that our once great nation founded on the principals of the Bible has drifted away from its roots. We can simply pray for our elected leaders and vote for those who support our convictions. More important we must stand together within the Christian community for righteousness and holiness never allowing race or denomination to divide us. You are my brother, I am your sister no matter the minor differences between us.

  4. Amen to your word Donna and I thank you for taking the time to share. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few but God has always worked with a minority of numbers and performed through their faith a maximum of blessed return. We look for the lordship of Christ to rule and that will man's greatest opportunity for peace my sister. Let's continue to accentuate the common bond we have and not let the adversary have his way. Blessings